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Migraine published on

One of the nice things about layout with a template is that in many regards, even when a migraine has me half blind, I can still do the work. That was the case much of the day today – after which I determined that while I can do the layout, I don’t actually see the red underline for spelling errors. Looks like I’ll be going in and fixing that later.

The Joys of Store Building

The Joys of Store Building published on

Populating a store that’s description-heavy is a *lot* of data entry. Building a tool to populate much of that data for me once all the files are uploaded, however, saves a lot of time. As a result, the store is – as of this moment – showing comics 0001-0010. In about 24 hours, however, it should show comics 0001-0050, meaning it’ll be three weeks ahead of the comic run here. I’m totally OK with that.

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