Proposal and Invitation

You are invited to participate in a social, cultural, consulting process. This site is devoted to the numerous projects and processes of the Wetdryvac, which range from art and entertainment to coding and web development. Depending upon participation, invokes a number of personas, people, and articulations of productivity. We engage in ethical hacking – white hat, thank-you – and making, as well addressing outside the box security and safety concerns.

Participation may be as simple as product purchase or art trade. It may address procedural ethics, or the system of condition neutrality in human environments. You may also wish to define your interactions across a variety of online forms which range from webchat to email.

Regardless your tastes and preferences, is here to provide you with professional options..

Non-Contract Projects

Paying for existing works and supporting the Vac: You can pay for existing work and support the Vac via Ko-Fi or Paypal, whichever suits your purposes best. Always leave a note so the Vac knows what the funds are for.

Digital map archive restorations: From historical USGS Topo maps to Panoramic Maps from the Library of Congress, the vac spends much of it’s otherwise non-contracted time color correcting, editing, and re-releasing maps for print. It tends towards a completest approach, so the projected finish date on the topo map project is well in the future.

Once a map set is complete, the vac often plays with it, from inversions to adding in silly things when folks ask. If you desire a custom markup for your local area, feel free to ask. The majority of the color corrections for mapping can be found searched here on Redbubble.

Including, “Wetdryvac,” In the search terms ensures you’ll find just the Vac’s maps – but as there are plenty of folks working with maps, the vac figures folks can decide on their own whether they want that limitation in place. Searching for specific towns is probably the easiest approach.

Poetry and Fiction: Tending towards density, as materials come into print, they’ll be listed on the In Print page.

Trade of Labyrinth