Procedurally Ethical

Wetdryvac Net is, in a manner similar to the Vac, a trading entity. Contracts for everything from Technical Writing and Web Development to Poetry and Artwork are on the table, and if you want something that’s not on the list of options, feel free to ask. Our guidelines for taking contracts, commissions, follow these questions:

  1. Is it legal?
  2. Does it avoid breaching consent?
  3. Is it within the skill sets available?
  4. Is it something the Vac or someone else here enjoys?
  5. Is the trade one we’re comfortable with in terms of barter or pay?
  6. Is there room on the schedule?

If the answer to each of those questions is, “Yes,”  We’ll probably accept the trade.

Love of the work is what makes a contract worth considering. Good trade makes the work beneficial to undertake. Explicit understanding of what’s expected renders the trade smooth and comfortable for all involved.

The Vac tends to love most those projects which require both art and heavy thinking.

Prediction Possible

The Vac and follow one very basic ethical standard, and one implementation of this standard when trading.

Standard: Do not breach consent.
Implementation: Abide by the contract.

This is a procedural rather than a moral approach: How does one predict what another will do? How does another predict what one will do one’s self? Procedural ethics define processes of action. The Vac, quite simply, will not do that which breaches either consent, or by extension, contract, and those working for shall not breach contract. This means that any contract the Vac or a contractor works on has an emergency clause, “In the case of emergency, it is possible work contracted for will not be finished. In such a case, no payment – either cash or barter – is due.”

Since 1992, there have been two such emergencies.

The Vac will contract for anything legal that meet its tastes and preferences: If you don’t see it on the site, ask. New and interesting examinations of trade and ethical structures are always welcome, and the Vac often picks up contracts for the sake of newness.