Commissions are Currently: OPEN

Available slots: Currently under heavy load, but the Vac is slotting people in where they can. Use the Contact Form to ask for details, and when you’re asking, please provide as much information about what you’re looking for as you can.

Commissions have rules:

1) Correctly cited vector rebuilds of out of copyright works are OK.
2) Correctly cited archival prints of out of copyright works where scanning or photographing the original material is possible are OK.
3) Re-paint, rebuild, or re-draw anything that’s under copyright – US version – without written consent from the artist or their estate: Not OK, and not done.

Available commissions types: Original traditional and vector artwork, and rebuilds and cleanup versions as above. Sculpture is currently unavailable unless all materials are provided. At present, only the Vac is providing commissions.

Sketch Styles

Brush and Ink - Crow
Crow by wetdryvac on DeviantArt

$50 (tiny) – $250 and up: A sketch in pen, pencil, brush and ink, or similar. One primary focus element, scanned to digital final.

5x + shipping: As above, signed original.

Dreams Visiting Moon
WDV – 289 – Dreams Visiting Moon by wetdryvac on DeviantArt

$100-$1300: A sketch in pen, pencil, brush and ink, or similar, with digital techniques employed. Digital final.

$300-$2500 and up + shipping: As above, signed original. Note that digital elements will obviously not be present in the traditional medium you receive. However, a physical print of the digital final is available at cost with your purchase.

Poster Styles

Safety First - A picture of a drill press with a blood splatter reading, "Go Ahead, Free Your Hair - The EMTs Appreciate A Good Splatter Pattern."
Safety First by wetdryvac on DeviantArt

$50-$500: $500 example above with multiple layers, shading, etc. Art poster design, digital start-to-finish.

Painterly Styles

Of Shield - Shield Meditation - a picture of a warrior out of combat, resting by a stream with their shield over their back.
Of Shield 003 – Meditation by wetdryvac on DeviantArt

$300-$1000 and up: Traditional watercolor mixed media, inverted. The price goes significantly upwards with layering, large paper, and special materials. Shipping the original, signed, doubles the cost. Shipping may be very expensive if the piece is fragile. Of Shield 003 (above) is an example of a $600 piece.

Tree Of Coyote
WDVMM – 0070 – Tree of Coyote by wetdryvac on DeviantArt

$500 and up: As above, layering and multiple digital edits increase cost.


WDVH – 0002b – Moonrise by wetdryvac on DeviantArt

$1000 and up: As above, starts on 41″x33″ paper, multiple layers, significant digital editing – digital final.

$2000 and up, signed original. While I may sometimes frame a piece – my choice – I can currently only frame and ship to about 11×17. Framing any piece