Alexander Jamieson A Celestia Atlas 1822

Alexander Jamieson: A Celestial Atlas 1822

A lovely set of constellation prints.

Achille Sirouy

The Works of Achille Sirouy

A variety of prints

The Works of Adolf Oberlander

A variety of prints.

Adolphe Millot

Prints of Adolphe Millot

Mostly from single plate collections.

Adolphe Willette

The Works of Adophe Willette

A variety of prints

Adrien Allmer

The Works of Adrien Allmer

A variety of prints.

Afbeeldingen der fraaiste

Afbeeldingen der Fraaiste

Some lovely botany.

Albrecht Dürer or Durer Knight, Death and Devil

The Works of Albrecht Durer

Includes drawings, etchings, paintings, and prints.