0001 – Watercolor Inversions

The Vac’s primary method of creation: Watercolor painting in colors inverted from the final product, by memorizing what colors become what on inversion. More than 700 paintings over 12 years.

Large Format Inversions

0002 – Large Format Inversions

Primarily watercolor inversions, but sometimes including ink and other media, at a large scale. Most of these were painted on some truly lovely paper the Vac acquired from a discard lot – high tooth watercolor paper – at 33×41 inches. Because of the size of this paper, these images are photographed by section and stitched together digitally before inversion.

0003 – Mixed Media Inversions

The Vac’s secondary method of creation: Painting in mixed media – usually inks and watercolors – with colors inverted from the final product, by memorizing what colors become what on inversion. More than 700 paintings over 12 years.

Chemistry Signs

0004 – Chemistry Caution Signs

A short run of chemistry caution signs. This one’s adrenaline.


0005 – Fractals

Fractals generated with a variety of tools.


0006 – Hills

A short series specific to hills.

Ink Pulls

0007 – Ink Pulls

Ink abstracts combining textile water based screen printing ink and machine press magazine ink, aiming for interactions between the two bases. Only a few of these exist, as the machine press ink really required a mechanical system to pull it thin enough to dry in a reasonable amount of time.


0008 – Katzen

This series is from an art trade, with permission to reproduce for print.

0009 – Challenge Pieces

1) Let’s Draw Sherlock


0010 – Mandalas

Mandalas by rotational and/or mirror symmetry in a variety of media, but with a focus on watercolor and ink inversions.

Math signs

0011 – Math Signs

Cautionary signs for math, as well as some not quite math.


0012 – MM

Mixed media, specifically intended as physical display pieces, but also available as prints and sometimes as inversions.

The Occupy movement as web server errors

0013 – Democracy Server Errors

A tongue in cheek series more or less in parallel to the occupy movement.

Of Shield

0014 – Of Shield

Watercolor inversions for the Of Shield series, a set of works covering mythology and warfare prior to the use of firearms.

Philosopher Campaign

0015 – Philosopher Campaign

A set of campaign posters for the 2016 presidential election in the United States. Every philosopher from Monty Python’s Philosopher Song included, as well as a couple extras by request. Layout adaptations and edits using existing public domain works as the base for modern campaign posters.


0016 – Runes

Wide brush calligraphy of a number of sets of runes. Links to individual sets are as follows:

1) Anglo-Saxon Futhorc
2) Dalecarlian
3) Elder Futhark – the most commonly recognized Norse rune set
4) Macromannic
5) Medieval
6) Younger Futhark

Scattered Resistance

0017 – Scattered Resistance

From the Scattered Resistance collection of poetry, these are scans and adaptations of the original hand-written pages.

Skull Shields

0018 – Skull Shields

Vector shields using various animal skulls and symbology.


0022 – Abstracts

As a category, generally reserved for digital abstracts, but the link happens to pull prints with, “Abstract,” In the title.

0023 !Fortune

From the short run (154 panels) !Fortune webcomic. Occasionally unfortunate.

Brush and Ink

0023 – Brush and Ink

Brush and ink works, sometimes inverted, sometimes not. Inspired by both American and Japanese brush styles.


0019 – Silkscreens

Purely hand produced, either with cut paper stencils, or as abstracts by manually painting and/or dripping ink prior to wipe. Also includes direct painting methods using silkscreen ink.

Alchemical Symbols

0020 – Symbols

Various old symbol sets – more modern than runes – representing a variety of sounds, materials, and ideas. Calligraphy done in wide brush style.

1) Alchemical Symbols
2) Solar System Symbols
3) Writing – Angelic or Celestial writing from Of Occult Philosophy
4) Writing – Malachim from Of Occult Philosophy
5) Writing – Passing of the River from Of Occult Philosophy

Telegraph Wind

0021 – Telegraph Wind

Commissioned for a show, with all rights maintained after a year of display moratorium.


0022 – Inversion Portraits

Portraits created via watercolor or mixed media inversion, usually from a reference photo. Humans, pets, and more.

Toned Paper

0023 – Toned Paper

Paintings, ink pulls, mixed media, inversions, and similar on toned paper, with the color of the toned paper being the main initial input into the the design.

Weather Spirits

0024 – Netbook: Weather Spirits

Watercolor inversions painted for Netbook: Weather Spirits, a supplement for a role playing game. Each painting is for a specific spirit type.

Vector and Paint

0025 – Hand Inked Vectors

Linework done in Inkscape, with ink and paint for color added after the fact by printing the linework to paper, painting directly on it, and scanning that as the final.

General Signs

0026 – Other Signs

1) All Signs
2) Library Signs
3) Caution Signs
4) Stop Signs

Transtract - 0005 - Bore

0027 – Transtracts

1) Transtacts